In their own words:

"My child has learned more in preschool than I did in Kindergarten! She even understands GRAVITY!" 
- A. Nicholas

​"My daughter has blossomed since we transferred to the daycare/preschool at Faith Lutheran School in April 2016. At her previous daycare, she wouldn’t interact with the other children, but would sit in a corner by herself and read books. She was withdrawn and unhappy. Since we moved here, she has learned to be gentle and caring with the toddlers, joins her peers enthusiastically on the playground, and is showered with love and affection by her teachers and the staff. The older students welcome her to school, help her with her jacket and backpack, and give her hugs when it’s time to go home. This is a community where kindness, respect, personal and spiritual growth is valued and encouraged. Thank you, Faith Lutheran, for welcoming us!”
-S. Raffaelli

​Faith Lutheran School

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Early Childhood Programs at FLS

Early childhood development is critical in the life of a child. FLS is committed to that principle. Therefore, FLS is DES certified and works with S.M.A.R.T. to provide teachers with support in the classroom. 

FLS preschool teachers include a letter of the week, hands-on sensory and sound activities, active indoor and outdoor play, and much more in their intentional curriculum. Children are grouped by ability level to ensure each child is provided their best opportunity to excel. Children exhibit huge gains and are prepared to enter Kindergarten successfully.

In addition to their daily learning opportunities, FLS offers specials to further your child's learning experience. These include art classes, library, music, and chapel, to name a few.

Faith Lutheran School offers preschool to children ages 1 to 4 years of age. Our program operates year-round to accommodate working parents. 

Fresh snacks and a healthy, hot lunch are provided for preschoolers. While toddlers bring their own lunches, snacks are included.

FLS proudly offers a variety of attendance options for your little ones, ranging from full to part-time, along with an Extended Daycare option.